Canson 1557 Drawing Paper
This bright white paper was designed to accentuate contrast and allows colours ta "POP". The 1557® name pays homage to the year that the Montgolfier family founded Canson®. This great classic is favoured among both professional and amateur artist who appreciate its light grain. Under this paper's rather simplicity is a rather sophisticated and technical paper. The paper's grain is neither too smooth nor too prominent. which gives il a neutral and subtle surface which is ideal for sketching and drawing with dry media. Canson® 1557® paper is ideal for use with all kinds of graphite for it retains pigments well and allows for unlimited shading and gradation. Canson® 1557® is made with mass and surface sizing giving il a remarkably resistant quality that is resistant to repeated erasing. The Canson® 1557® range is sold in sheets or in rolls, under the name of Dessin JA.

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CANSON 1557 50X65 120G (50)CANSON 1557 50X65 120G (50)CN204121104In stock
CANSON 1557 50X65 160G (50)CANSON 1557 50X65 160G (50)CN204121114In stock
CANSON 1557 PAD A4 120G (50SH)CANSON 1557 PAD A4 120G (50SH)CN204127408In stock
CANSON 1557 PAD A3 120G (50SH)CANSON 1557 PAD A3 120G (50SH)CN204127409In stock
CANSON 1557 PAD A4 180G (30SH)CANSON 1557 PAD A4 180G (30SH)CN204127414In stock
CANSON 1557 PAD A3 180G (30SH)CANSON 1557 PAD A3 180G (30SH)CN204127415In stock
CANSON 1557 S/PAD A4 120G (50SH)CANSON 1557 S/PAD A4 120G (50SH)CN204127418In stock

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