Marabu Graphix Fineliner Sets
Sometimes you dream in colour. Then you need colour to put your ideas down on paper. You can use the tip to add highlights or give an illustration crisp contours, thus creating clear borders to the surrounding area. Emphasise what is important to you. Go into detail. You have a stable constant with coloured sketches and elaborate illustrations with the coloured Marabu Graphix Fineliner

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Marabu Fineliner Colour Graphix,DOODLEMarabu Fineliner Colour Graphix,DOODLEMARAB014600100In stock
Marabu Fineliner Graphix,(4)Marabu Fineliner Graphix,(4)MARAB014600101In stock
Marabu Fineliner COLOUR Graphix,(4)Marabu Fineliner COLOUR Graphix,(4)MARAB014600102In stock
Marabu Fineliner Graphix, HYPONOTISE (24Marabu Fineliner Graphix, HYPONOTISE (24MARAB014600103In stock

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