Fabriano Tiepolo
Created with 100% cotton, this paperboard is indicated for all printmaking techniques (engraving, lithography, silk-screening, xylography and linocuts). It is mould made, size 56x76 with all edges deckled. The watermark is fixed point and placed below right on the sheet. It reproduces the CMF trademark surmounted by a star and enclosed in a circle. In the 7OX100 size the two larger sides are deckled and the watermark runs parallel to them, reproducing the inscription "C. M. FABRIANO 100% COTTON". Tiepolo is pH neutral, assuring inalterability over time.

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TIEPOLO 70x100 290gsm (25)TIEPOLO 70x100 290gsm (25)CM00011660In stock
TIEPOLO 56x76 290gsm (25)TIEPOLO 56x76 290gsm (25)CM00011661In stock

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