Fabriano Roma
Produced with 100% cotton, this handmade laid and watermarked paper has all its edges deckled and is suitable for deluxe editions, fine printing, book binding and drawing. Roma paper is pH neutral, assuring its inalterability over time and is Totally Chlorine Free (T.C.F.). The watermark of this paper reproduces, below left, the inscription C.M. Fabriano, enclosing the image of a wolf sucking two twins within an oval and the inscription ROMA. The laid lines are parallel to the 48 cm side and the chain lines to the 66 cm side.

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ROMA 48x66 130gsm GIALLETTO (10)ROMA 48x66 130gsm GIALLETTO (10)CM10400000In stock
ROMA 48x66 130gsm DEL SARTO (10)ROMA 48x66 130gsm DEL SARTO (10)CM10800000In stock
ROMA 48x66 130gsm GUIDO RENI (10)ROMA 48x66 130gsm GUIDO RENI (10)CM10900000In stock
ROMA 48x66 130gsm TIZIANO (10)ROMA 48x66 130gsm TIZIANO (10)CM11300000In stock
ROMA 48x66 130gsm VERONESE (10)ROMA 48x66 130gsm VERONESE (10)CM11400000In stock

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