Fabriano Pittura
Fourdrinier made paper with prime quality cellulose pulp, acid free, guaranteeing inalterability over time. Ideal for acrylic, recommended for oil and tempera.

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PITTURA 50x70 400gsm CP (10)PITTURA 50x70 400gsm CP (10)CM04405700In stock
PITTURA 70x100 400gsm CP (5)PITTURA 70x100 400gsm CP (5)CM04407100In stock
PITTURA BLOCK 25x35 400gsm CP (10 sheet)PITTURA BLOCK 25x35 400gsm CP (10 sheet)CM40002535In stock
PITTURA BLOCK 30x40 400gsm CP (10 sheet)PITTURA BLOCK 30x40 400gsm CP (10 sheet)CM40003040In stock
PITTURA BLOCK 40x50 400gsm CP (10 sheet)PITTURA BLOCK 40x50 400gsm CP (10 sheet)CM40004050In stock

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