Matisse Fluid Artist Acrylic
Matisse Fluid is our most liquid-like paint, yet despite its texture, it is highly pigmented. Each colour has an ASTM rating of I or II indicating Very Good lightfastness to Excellent Lightfastness and are completely opaque when used directly from the container. Matisse Fluid is available in a brilliant range of 35 colours and they are completely compatible with our Structure and Flow formula paints, can be either blended together or used by itself on the same artwork. Matisse Fluid Acrylics, have a very smooth, runny but slightly dense viscosity. Being highly pigmented, the colours will appear dark and intense on initial application but can be spread easily with a brush or mixed with water to reveal the colour graduation. The intensity of the colour is what makes Matisse Fluid ideal for tinting. the consistency allows precise drop-by-drop addition to any of the Matisse range of acrylic paints and the precise ratio of tint to paint can be easily replicated. This is the third tier in the Matisse range of Artists acrylic Paints. The thickest is Matisse Structure Formula, which has a thick dense consistency ideal for impasto techniques, followed by the Matisse Flow Formula range with its smooth cream-like texture and a thinner viscosity to allow free flowing brushstrokes or use through an airbrush (with minimal dilution). This allows the paint to be used for fine brushwork with or without water dilution. This paint gives a fine flow with a low-sheen finish and good levelling.

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Matisse FLUID 135ml Aqua Green lightMatisse FLUID 135ml Aqua Green lightMATFLU135AGLIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Australian Red VioleMatisse FLUID 135ml Australian Red VioleMATFLU135ARVIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Australian SiennaMatisse FLUID 135ml Australian SiennaMATFLU135ASIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Australian Sky BlueMatisse FLUID 135ml Australian Sky BlueMATFLU135ASKBLIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Australian Yellow GrMatisse FLUID 135ml Australian Yellow GrMATFLU135AYGIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Brilliant AlizarinMatisse FLUID 135ml Brilliant AlizarinMATFLU135BAIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Burnt SiennaMatisse FLUID 135ml Burnt SiennaMATFLU135BSIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Burnt UmberMatisse FLUID 135ml Burnt UmberMATFLU135BUIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Carbon BlackMatisse FLUID 135ml Carbon BlackMATFLU135CBKIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cobalt BlueMatisse FLUID 135ml Cobalt BlueMATFLU135CBLIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cerulean BlueMatisse FLUID 135ml Cerulean BlueMATFLU135CEBIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Chrome Green OxideMatisse FLUID 135ml Chrome Green OxideMATFLU135CGOIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium OrangeMatisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium OrangeMATFLU135COIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Red MediumMatisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Red MediumMATFLU135CRMIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Yellow LightMatisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Yellow LightMATFLU135CYLIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Yellow MediuMatisse FLUID 135ml Cadmium Yellow MediuMATFLU135CYMIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Dioxazine PurpleMatisse FLUID 135ml Dioxazine PurpleMATFLU135DPIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml MagentaMatisse FLUID 135ml MagentaMATFLU135MIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Naphthol CrimsonMatisse FLUID 135ml Naphthol CrimsonMATFLU135NCIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Naphthol ScarletMatisse FLUID 135ml Naphthol ScarletMATFLU135NSIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Phthalo BlueMatisse FLUID 135ml Phthalo BlueMATFLU135PBIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Phthalo GreenMatisse FLUID 135ml Phthalo GreenMATFLU135PGIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Paynes GreyMatisse FLUID 135ml Paynes GreyMATFLU135PGYIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Permanent OrangeMatisse FLUID 135ml Permanent OrangeMATFLU135POIn stock
Matisse FLUID 135ml Red OxideMatisse FLUID 135ml Red OxideMATFLU135ROIn stock

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