Marabu Chalky-Chic
Transform your furniture into the perfect eye-catcher with a vintage look withMarabu Chalky-Chic. Chalky-Chic paints are water-based, have a good coverage and a velvety soft finish. They are smudge-proof, weather-resistant and can be mixed together. The chalk paints work very well on the followingsurfacesand create a velvety soft surface: wood, MDF, papier mch, glass, metal,paper, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, canvas, plastic. Work becomes childs play with the righttoolsand furniture, boxes, vases and many other items can be transformed into great vintage objects.

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MARABU Chalky-Chic DisplayMARABU Chalky-Chic DisplayMARAB026100010In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Crackle MediumMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Crackle MediumMARAB026225840In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Decoupage GlueMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Decoupage GlueMARAB026225848In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Matt VarnishMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Matt VarnishMARAB026225850In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Soft Matt VarniMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Soft Matt VarniMARAB026225851In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Transfer MediumMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Transfer MediumMARAB026225852Out of stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax BrownMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax BrownMARAB026225853In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax WhiteMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax WhiteMARAB026225854In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax TransMARABU Chalky-Chic 225ml Prot Wax TransMARAB026225855In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Light BlueMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Light BlueMARAB26150144In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Smoky BlueMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Smoky BlueMARAB26150145In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml MistletoeMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml MistletoeMARAB26150159In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Stone GreyMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml Stone GreyMARAB26150169In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml EdelweissMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml EdelweissMARAB26150171In stock
MARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml SlateMARABU Chalky-Chic 100ml SlateMARAB26150174In stock

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