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Countless hours have been spent testing, modifying and developing these modernformulas to arrive at what we believe is the mostcomprehensive range of advanced, superior cleaning and lubricating products for firearms out there.Covering exactly the products you need for propermaintenance of your firearm. Firearms need regular basic maintenance. Correctly cleaning your firearm will solve the majority of inaccuracy problems.FIREARM STORAGE: Apart from cleaning your firearmthe next most important maintenance step after cleaningis to ensure that your firearm bore is lubricatedwith the correct oil for storage. You need to eliminate any possibility of corrosion occurring during storage. Many bore oils being sold in themarketplace or alternate products recommended for this purpose do not offer the correct short or long term protection required with many showing signs of breaking down within two weeks of application leaving your firearm bore in an unprotected state. Thiscan cause significant corrosion damage. The product you can rely on to protect your firearm bore over short & long term storage is Helmar H9500 Bore Oil. It has been specially formulated for this task. ***Always remember to run a clean patch throughthe bore after storage to remove H9500 Bore Oil prior to using your firearm.

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