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LUBRICATES, PROTECTS, SHINES, RESTORES, RELEASE AGENT, INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, FOOD GRADE, SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE, SUPERIOR WATER & SALT WATER RESISTANCE, SUPERIOR LOW AND HIGH TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE, WITHSTANDS MILD ACID &ALKALINE EXPOSURE, LOW FRICTION, RESISTANT TO OXIDATION, CHEMICALS AND WEATHER, PREVENTS ICE ADHESION. REPELS INK & WATER. Use Helmar H4000 Silicone Spray on: Home:Curtain tracking, sliding drawers, sliding windows, door tracking, squeaky hinges, garage door tracking, zippers, hand saw blades, circular saw blades, compound saw blades, pruners, hedger, shears & cutters, leather, plastic, rubber, swimming pool filter equipment (preserves & protectsrubber o-rings). + Hundreds of other uses! Sport:Fishing equipment (rods & reels), firearms, leather footwear, ski equipment (bindings), treadmills,archery, sailing and boating equipment. + Hundreds of other uses! Automotive: Door locks, hinges, stops moisture build-up in ignition systems, all rubber components, dashboards, trim, rubber mouldings, tyres, battery terminals, cables, window channels. + Hundreds of other uses! Industrial: Slidingsurfaces, conveyor belts, as a mould & release agent, heat-sealing equipment, as a spatter guard, cutting knives, saw blades, needle points, fabric cutting tables surfaces.+ Hundreds of other uses!


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