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das LITE 3/4 CANVAS 16x20

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NEW! das Lite canvas. With asmoother surface and attractive new branding. dascanvases are manufactured using the finest materials available to create an economically priced product. They have been developed to ensurea stable structure with a medium weight, medium grain canvastomeet the needs of many different painting techniques.das canvas is manufactured using a 100% naturallong fibre cotton, woven with double warp yarns and single weft yarns. The strength of thecanvas isbased on the yarn thickness, closeness of construction and fibre quality. It is not rinsed withalkaline which helps maintain its natural tone and flexibility.The wooden frame is constructed using a warp resistant timber which has been stored for sixmonths under natural conditions. The wood isthensoaked, degreased and kiln dried to ensure the firmstructure of the frame.The fabric is primedthreetimes with an acid free acrylic ground (known as acrylic gesso). This seals and protects the canvascreating areceptive surface for the paint to adhere to. The proper size ground and primer areessentialfor achieving a long lasting painting. "A painting isdone on the primer that has been applied tothecanvas". Paint absorbs into the primer, not the canvas fibres. For additional luminosity, it isrecommended applying additional primer compatible withthe paint you intend to use.